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College of Health Sciences

No other field of study has benefitted humankind more then Health Sciences. Curiosity combined with compassion has lead to thousands of advancements over our history all dedicated to patient care. This knowledge of caring is the magic in Health Sciences.

Be curious. Make magic.

Growing Health Sciences Programs



The study of healthcare at its most fundamental and essential. 

Nursing students establish the foundation for a career in the nation’s largest healthcare profession, acquiring knowledge and skills that will serve them in a variety of roles at various levels. 


Physician Assistant Studies

Gain the latest medical knowledge and clinical skills to provide high-quality patient care. Diagnose illnesses, develop treatment plans, perform medical procedures, and prescribe medication to make a positive impact on patient’s health and contribute to the healthcare field.


Healthcare Administration

In the Master of Science in Healthcare Administration Program, learn the essential knowledge required for senior managerial and planning careers in the health services and systems sectors. Gain employment opportunities in local, national, and global.


Cardiovascular Perfusion

Cardiovascular perfusionists are trained to operate extracorporeal circulation equipment—such as heart-lung machines—during medical procedures that require a patient’s circulatory or respiratory functions to be temporarily supported through artificial devices. 利记sbo’s program is the only perfusion program in the State of Michigan.

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利记sbo students can participate in a wide range of exciting activities that elevate the learning experience.